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I'm a veteran, freelance journalist.


Pam Baker is author of six books and numerous feature articles and cover stories for leading publications including, but not limited to: E-Commerce Times, MacNewsWorld, CRM Buyer, LinuxInsider, Inside CRM, TechNewsWorld, Wireless IQ, Telematics Journal, IT Business Insider, Institutional Investor Magazine, CIO Update,, CIO Today Magazine, NewsFactor Network, Enterprise I.T., SCI-Tech Today, Georgia Trend Magazine, HER magazine,,, MedTech Journal, NPTech News, and Knight-Ridder/McClasky newspapers.

She is also a former analyst for VisionGain Research, headquartered in London, and has conducted and authored several notable market studies covering the following topics: Convergence Trends, Apple in Wireless, Blackberry/RIM, Municipal Wireless Networks, and Yahoo in Mobile.

Baker is a member of the National Press Club and Mediabistro.