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January 04, 2009


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Dr. P. Vernon Crowell Bey

Nice post
A wise man once said; "We will never see ourselves the way others do". Personally, I know that I am many things to many different people. Though Web 2.0 is not something that I have to consider; it is still in our best interest to take what pleasures and pleasantries that come with living. We would do well to take a tip from one of natures creatures: the gunnera.

Chris Dorobek

Fascinating points here -- and I think we are coming to a time where people increasingly look at people in a more holistic way. And, in a way, I think Web 2.0 helps you do that. You can learn more about people's likes -- and dislikes -- in a more safe way (I hope).

And I agree with Lewis Shepherd that the trust relationship is so important.

In the end, transparency is a fundamental part of trust -- and Web 2.0.

What an exciting time we live in, isn't it?

lewis shepherd

Very thoughtful post. I think a lot about the 2-way relationship between government and citizen and the ability of technologies (especially but not exclusively Web 2.0 techniques) to enable better relationships. Identity plays a big part there, I think, because of the technical trust/authority issues but also because our American political history and psyche nurtures distrust of government, unfortunately. So there's a dilemma indeed. I'm glad to see that you're thinking about/working on such profound issues!

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