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July 13, 2009


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Dr. David Robinson

Dear Pam,
Let me get this straight. Never mind about health reform....A good percentage of people desire lower health care costs and insurance premiums. Yet, for a story you were writing on health care, you received the LOWEST number of queries from HARO! And if you go to ANY freelance job site, it is the SAME story. There are few, if any, requests for articles/stories on health/fitness/healhcare (other than reform)!
If our health is SO unimportant, such a LOW priority why even bother to do ANYTHING about health care or insurance?! Let it continue to spiral out of control both in cost and as a system!


HARO/Peter has changed the Journalist-PR ecosystem for the better and given pros on both sides a platform to clearly state what is needed/wanted.

Meryl K Evans

I once received only one response to a query. All others have been just right or too many (received 60+ on my most recent). Excellent article. I'm grateful for all submissions and notify those who appear in the article. I save the rest. Just never know.

Jennifer MacLeid Qotb

As a HARO/Pam Baker responder, this is very helpful. Our agency will certainly benefit from reading this and learning about the daily challenges of a freelancer. Thanks for taking the time out of your crazy schedule to describe the process.

Karen Rhodes

Thanks so much for a great perspective on the receiving end of HARO.

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